At Akash Education, Akola we strive hard to maintain quality and the standards. We aim to provide the best quality education along with all the necessary facilities to our students. We have many facilities at our institution like library, reading rooms, comfortable and well-equipped lecture halls, guest lectures by specialists, councelling sessions for admissions etc. Have a look at the facilities we provide...

Excellent Infrastructure

Akash Education distinguishes itself from its huge institute buildings. We have two building in our institute, one for the juniors and the other for the seniors. Both the building are well-equipped with all the facilities needed for efficient teaching. The lecture halls are air-cooled ensuring high degree of comfort for our students. We have a huge library and excellent reading rooms at our institute which help the students a lot in self-studies. Our institute being at a location in residential area the atmosphere is very homely.


We have a well equipped library with more than 2000 books especially for our students. At our library the students can find all the books they will need for their exams. The library is regularly flooded with the latest books ensuring that we have all different varieties of books from all the renowned authors. The students are also allowed to issue the books so that they can read those books at their own comfort.

Reading rooms


Along with the huge library we also have reading rooms where students find the perfect ambience for focussed study. The reading room is designed considering all ergonomic factors that facilitate good study. We have two huge reading rooms at our institute ensuring that everyone can take advantage of this facility. Students can either bring their own books/notes and study or they can issue the books from our library. The motive behind these reading rooms is to ensure that our students can find some perfect place for undisturbed study. Silence is strictly maintained in the reading room for a disciplined study atmostphere. The reading rooms are available to the students all the time, be it late night or be it the crack of the dawn.

Guest lectures by experts

Guest lectures

We conduct guest lectures from experts in fields like student-psychology so that the students are able to perform SWOT analysis to identify their strengths and weakness. This provides the students with accurate judgement of their performance and thus enables them to improve in a guided direction.

Last year we had a lecture by Dr Deepak Kelkar titled "Multiply Your Confidence".

This programme helped the students to understand the importance of memory building, methods of studies, how to recall a number of incidents or topics in perfect sequence, etc.

Now we are also planning to conduct more such programmes in future, which will definitely help our students to enrich their career.